What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is accounting software that generates accounting activities such as recording financial transactions, preparing monthly or annual financial reports, managing sales transactions, and customer statements; recording and managing banking transactions and running payroll.

Who can get QuickBooks Online Training?
  • Anyone who needs to manage their business with QuickBooks Online

  • Anyone with accounting or bookkeeping clients who could benefit from QuickBooks Online

  • Anyone who wants to become a QuickBooks Online expert

What is included in QuickBooks Online Training?
  • Setting up a QuickBooks Online Account

  • Entering and recording every transaction that a company might need

  • Creating customer sales, tracking, and receiving customer payments/transactions

  • Managing all types of expenses including debit, credit card; and entering and paying bills.

  • Understanding online banking procedures

  • Getting all types of reports


QuickBooks Online Training

1 Hour​




Electronic commerce is also known as e-commerce is a market that allows businesses or individuals to purchase and sell goods over the internet. In this consulting, we help you out with basic steps to open your online business and expand your business globally.

  • How do you start an e-commerce business in Canada?

  • How do you choose your products?

  • How do you choose your e-commerce platform?

  • What are the legal requirements?

  • How does taxation work?

  • What are the processes for non-residents?

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