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Hi I'm Nilgun!

I was born in the town of Arhavi in the Artvin province of Turkey in February 1979.

I completed my studies up to high school in Arhavi, and after my graduation, I began working for my family’s business. My curiosity and my love for studying led me to post-secondary studies at Karadeniz Technical University, where I completed my degree in Economics. During my university studies in 2000, I took a trip to Canada, where I fell in love with the country, its culture, natural beauty, and diversity. For so many people of different cultures to come together and decide to live together in such a way was amazing to me, and I decided that summer that I would one day live in Canada.

In 2007, without even knowing the language, but having dreamt of and planned on it for years, I finally emigrated from Turkey to Canada. Soon after, I received my Chartered Professional Accountant designation. Before founding my current consulting firm, I have had a 15-year career working as a manager in the accounting and finance departments for both national and international companies.

Towards the end of 2016, I started my own consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario, and for the past 3 years, I have provided accounting, tax, and financial planning and consulting services for both individuals and corporations.


It is my honor to share that I am the first Turkish and English speaking woman in Toronto, Ontario to open a financial consultancy firm.

Besides running my own business, I have responsibilities in different social, cultural and economic groups and organizations in both Turkey and Canada. I am the founding Turkish member and CFO of “Immigrant Women in Business” or IWB, and a board member and financial treasurer of the “Turkish Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association of Canada” or TEPAC.

Altın Kalite Award Ceremony 
Successful International Financial Advisor of the Year

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